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What The Hell Should I Do With My Custom Motorcycle?

It’s been a long process trying to figure out how Bandit should look after the build. There are a lot of things to consider: composition, fairings, exhaust, wheels, seat, handlebars, materials, gauges and color across the board.

I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew on my first build, so I plan to leave the structure of the body fairly intact, with my biggest changes being the hideous front fairing and the huge chrome slip-on exhaust. I want to put on new boots, a 70’s style front fairing, big headlight, lowered ears and remove a bunch of the plastic and electric work on the rear. The seat and rear fairing are staying as they’re very functional and comfortable for long distances (for me and my misses, who can’t stand the thought of chicken-winging her right leg around the Scrambler’s high exhaust for another season).

In terms of performance the engine will stay left as is ( it lacks style, not power ), I’ve already ordered a replacement rear suspension from an ‘07 GSZR 1000 and I plan on putting some progressive springs in the front as well as new tires, pads, plugs and so on.


Simply put, it has been an ass-pain for me to pick out paint colors. I would not have been able to visualize anything on my own without the help of some photoshop comps... thank god for photoshop.

I polled a lot of friends and spent a lot of time tweaking and thinking about my options. Currently I’m leaning towards the Black/Cognac combination and would like to use a textured satin black powder. Why black? Well I know it’s cliche but whenever I ride this bike it’s the only time I feel like a badass bastard-child. It is raw and fast and loud and I want the finished piece to represent that feeling. I think the cognac seat and grips will give it some good color and make it a bit more unique than just monotone metal, I hope the richness of the leather will balance the cold satin steel as well. More details and ideas will arise as I start to put it back together, but I feel good about the foundation in my head.

Now back to building.

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